A Distinguishing Garment

A Distinguishing Garment

Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.

Rom 13:14

There are many factors considered before one chooses a particular garment to put on: the type of event they are attending, the weather, personal fashion sense, personality and many other circumstances influence one’s decision. There are so many options, opinions, and conditions connected to our decision that we often become bewildered or perplexed before making a final decision.       

In Romans Chapter 13 the Apostle Paul admonishes the believer In-Christ to “clothe” themselves with the Lord Jesus Christ because the day of His return is “nearer than when we first believed” (vs. 11). Whether we believe it or not, Christ will return and His return continues to draw closer with each passing day. In the meantime, those who profess faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior should conduct themselves in ways and lifestyles that exhibit godly principles and imitate Christ example.  Many times we wait for God to change our psychological posture when In-Christ we have been given the responsibility, along with help from His Holy Spirit, to “clothe” ourselves in Him [to clothe gives a sense of sinking into a garment]. Dealing with life’s harsh issues will present options and opportunities to either satisfy our ungodly desires or intentionally and purposefully imitate Christ; becoming more like Him. Christ’ example gives a pattern and guide that help the believer to rise above natural emotional tendencies, ungodly opinions, and the waves of culture. Obedience to His model becomes more desired and more satisfying as one chooses over and over again to “put on” the things of the Spirit and not indulge in what will only temporarily gratify the sinful nature. Therefore, each day we get dressed, we must decide to put on—clothe ourselves with the nature of Christ.

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