Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our Faith… (Heb. 12:2).

A WORD FROM OUR BOARD! After a sabbatical from volunteering with other community organizations, in October 2017, I became a board member of S.E.E. Hoping to improve my skills surrounding event planning along with my relationship with God, I accepted the invitation. My overall experience has been positive and filled with new and exciting challenges. Planning the Women’s Conference and Team building outings posed the challenge of incorporating committee and board members ideas into one great event. Although serving on a board with members of diverse backgrounds, distinct ideas and recommendations sometimes posed challenges, our willingness to compromise gave me joy as we all worked toward a successful event. Through our programming, which consists of ministering to women from all walks of life, the future is bright for S.E.E. I foresee the organization expanding their services to reach women outside of Rutherford County, and improving their visibility amongst nonprofits in the area. In the very near future local nonprofits will turn to S.E.E. for advice and services. Through diligence and God’s grace, S.E.E. has the expertise, desire, and willingness to answer the call!                                                                            Ms. Jerice L. Glanton               

listening for god and answering with  Courageous—committed faith!

Like you, S.E.E. began 2020 with New Expectations of new adventures, new beginnings, and new directions with  greater insight. Although we expected that with the “New” would come new trials, new test, new challenges, new risks and new uncertainties that demand a new personal and communal commitment, none of us envisioned a new world pandemic that would challenge and change the way we conduct life.   

During these times of testing, it is imperative for the child of God to:

  1. Make every effort to add to [their] faith in increasing measure
  2. Exercise “Courageous Faith”
  3. Acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord & an active participant in their life
  4. Possess active qualities for effective productivity In-Christ (1 Pt. 1:5-8).

Courageous Faith challenges the believer to remain committed to the cause of Christ as we face difficulties without being deterred or shrinking back. Displaying Courageous Faith summons the believer to:

  1. Keep promises even when it cost
  2. Face weaknesses and exhibit God’s strength
  3. Conquer the opposition in order to experience good success
  4. Overcome fears and abandon all excuses.     

Another challenge for the believer in Christ during this pandemic which affects all aspects of living, mentally, physically, and spiritually, is listening for the voice of Almighty God. Many people struggle, even in peaceful times, with having absolute confidence in their ability to discern the Lord’s voice from all the other voices that compete for attention.  However, as followers of Christ we can be assured that (1) He speaks and (2) we have the capacity to hear. Jesus says, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (Jn. 10:27). Therefore, as believer we must “Prepare to hear God” and get rid of the hindrances that block our ability to hear: unbelief, busyness, unforgiveness, a hard rebellious and stubborn heart, a closed legalistic-judgmental mind-set. In addition, it is essential for the believer to remain steady in their position In-Christ. We must also intentionally create an inner atmosphere that nurtures and develops an expectancy for God to reveal Himself. Lastly, we must joyfully obey.  

Although this pandemic has challenged S.E.E. to alter the ways in which we serve the community; still we remain encouraged that God will continue to show us new ways to serve and minister to His people. Your donations have allowed us to continue to provide personal hygiene products and clothes to women in need. We also continue to teach the word of God with simplicity and practical application for daily living through Periscope, our webpage, and other media outlets. Additionally, through zoom, video and conference calls we are able to conduct individual spiritual counseling.  Like many today, our methods of doing God’s work has changed, but we remain committed and faithful to the purpose for which God established. Thank you for your monetary gifts, prayers, volunteer efforts, or however you support S.E.E. Christian Ministry.  *If you would like to make a donation please go to our website www.seechristianministry.org; via PayPal or mail to 4148 Heather Ct. Murfreesboro, TN  37128. We are a 501c3 organization.                                                      

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